We install a wireless camera solution with our own SIM card and back up connectivity. The advantage of this system is that it is wireless video verification

The system sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to our offsite monitoring control room.

Some Features of our Camera Solution include:

  • Multiple different alerts and triggers
  • Remote which can be used for panics or to arm the system
  • Built-in duress which alerts the control room of an incident during a daytime incident with the machine working as per normal
  • All alerts and triggers are monitored by an independent state-of-the-art control room



Our various control rooms are manned 24/7 by highly skilled specialists whom have been carefully selected and trained to meet the specific challenges of alarm verification.

Offsite Surveillence


For very risky outlying stores or stores that are susceptible to constant overnight break ins we can offer a smoke solution.

A smoke solution creates a dense smoke in the back of house within 3 seconds and is extremely effective in after-hours and in certain conditions day time robberies.

Some Features Of The Smoke Solution Include:

  • Extremely quick release of the smoke (+/- 3 seconds)
  • Zero residue left by the smoke
  • No physical harm once the smoke is released (only creates a dense fog)
  • Zero or very limited visibility for the robber
  • Anti- tampering built in so any attempt to move the nozzle will result in the smoke being deployed

Smoke Machine

Asset Tracking

Vaultrak is a multi-user, wireless asset tracking and management solution. Each asset is identified with a unique bar code and linked to a specific location.

By recording acquisition, sales, disposal and movement of assets, theft and loss of assets can be kept to a minimum. Assets can be managed and accurate records kept. Complete cloud based reporting, exportable to Excel for easy management. No hardware requirements staff can use their existing mobile devices. Quick and seamless set up.