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“We are very happy with the service and have had zero robberies in these stores with Cellvault™. We also find the solution advantageous in terms of stock control”

Also our staff feels less stressed and threatened having the solution as its and excellent deterrent for would be robbers”

Vodacom independent dealerVODACOM
Cell Vault has allowed us to adequately stock our higher risk stores and ensure we don’t lose any sales. Our staff are using the system as trained and this has allowed us to keep a far closer eye on our stock.

What’s probably the biggest benefit of all is our staff feel far safer coming to work knowing the chances are being help up are far less with Cell Vault.

Vodacom independent dealerVODACOM
“Cellvault has allowed us to hold more than double the amount of stock than we previously held and we are paying less insurance for this stock than half the amount before!

On top of this Cellvault has already prevented 10 robberies across our stores”

MTN independent dealerMTN