Cellvault – back of house

The tried and tested solution for preventing stock loss due to robbery.

Modular design means there are a variety of size options.

  • The machine is made up of a number of lockers operated independently via a time delay, this can vary depending on store requirements.
  • We can configure Cellvault to match store stock holding including a single tower to a multi tower machine.
  • There are no keys to open the lockers and the lockers cannot be opened remotely.
  • Cloud based control panel means customer can make changes remotely
  • After trading hours the machine is programmed to go into lock-down and cannot be opened.
  • The machine is bolted into the floor and wall
  • Colour code the machine as per requirements.

Cellvault - backofhouse

Cellvault – front of house

Aesthetically pleasing,  bright LED lighting to show off your stock but with all the renowned Cellvault security features of the back of house unit and plenty of secure storage space along with hanging space underneath.

  • Front of house display unit
  • LED lighting
  • Customizable

Cellvault Front of House


Works like a hotel safe with a central keypad and screen that controls multiple secure lockers. Choose your own password, then choose your locker. Retrieve your assets whenever you are ready. Perfect for corporate, hotels, gyms, hospitals or even warehouses. Built in USB ports for charging devices as an optional extra

  • Patron operated
  • Charging facility
  • Simple to use
  • Convenient
  • Short-term storage


Click ‘n Collect

As e-commerce grows the collection of parcels becomes more and more necessary. Our click ‘n collect solution integrates with your back-end to provide a seamless collection facility in your store. Customer simply scans their barcode and the locker with their parcel in pops open. It’s that easy.

  • Online shopping collection
  • Modular in design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Customer friendly
  • Back-end integration
  • Tailor-made locker sizes

cellvault clickncollect